Discover how astrology can make STRATEGY easy for your business

and help you become a better entrepreneur.

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Wearing many hats? Starting a new business or wanting to make changes within it?

Discover how reading your business natal chart can make the decision process easier in just one appointment!

Every business has an astrological board of directors that can assist you in your SUCCESS, whether you work for yourself or with a team.

My way of doing things is outside the box, but my method has been tested and it’s INCREDIBLE all the answers your can get!

Making wrong decisions can cost you time, energy, money and resources.

Do you feel the pressure to make the right decisions at all times? It can be exhausting mentally and physically, knowing that we take an average of 35 000 decisions a day.

What if it was possible to eliminate many choices and know what your business needs? What are its natural tools so you can make more aligned decisions that lead to success?

Every company has its own blueprint with inner strengths. To know them will help you gain CLARITY, keep MOMENTUM and help you make easier & faster decisions.

A business chart reading can help you :

  1. Create a business strategy (eg. detail your vision, choose your branding, how to form a partnership - or not!)

  2. Validate the approach of your already existing company in general or before launching a new service.

  3. Adjust some of your processes and actions so they can be better aligned with your business’s inner strengths (really interesting if you feel you are rowing against the current!)

Since I became aware of my business natal chart and all the tools that come with it, everything got a lot more coherent and I often refer to it whenever I launch something.

The whole decision process is faster and it’s easier even though I wear many hats.

In your business, imagine if you could…

Create or update your branding in regard of your company natural’s vibe

Better communicate your offer and connect with your community

Know where structure is massively important

Know its strengths as much as its blind spots

Discover where your business has greater luck and can EXPAND!

How to keep balance within each department and have better management

Here are 3 packages,

you can choose depending of your needs.

Each package includes a description of your astro board of directors (BOD), meaning :

☀️ 1 - The Sun and how your business shines + associated toolkit.
🌙 2 - The Moon, which refers to what it means for good management and how to feel rested.
3 - The Rising Sign and how the public perceives you, which is really good for branding!

“I’m curious” package 😉 - 182$

It’s a 75 minute meeting where we’ll talk about your BOD + 3 keys associated to communication, business structure and expansion. Audio recording + short email summary are included.

“I love my business” package ❤️ - 228$

It’s 90 minutes, where we’ll talk about your BOD + 4 keys associated to communication, business structure, expansion and where you should show courage / action. Audio recording is included.


1) a pdf poster with your branding colours that summarize your BOD + 4 keys previously discussed.

2) 2 parallels with your own personal chart and how you can mutually help each other!

VIP package - 428$

It’s 2 meetings of 75 minutes, where we’ll first talk about your BOD, then you 4 keys associated to communication, business structure, expansion and where you should show courage / action.


1) an in depth parallel with your own personal chart,
2) a pdf poster with your branding colours that summarize your BOD + 4 keys previously discussed,
3) a pdf tool to help you integrate the astrological keys within your business in a practical way!
4) A written summary of your own BOD from your personal chart.


➡️ You can write to to book your appointment and know availabilities.
➡️ All meetings are done through Zoom!
➡️ You can reschedule without fees up to 24h in advance, or get a full refund if your appointment is canceled 5 days before our call.


“The meeting with Arsène was very revealing and she helped me confirm that my way of doing things and the field I have chosen are very well aligned.

As an entrepreneur, we are often cursed with doubt. Getting my business reading got rid of many of them, and I got reassured of all of my business potential.

A thousand thanks Arsène, I am really grateful to have you in my network!”

Myriam St-Gelais, founder of MT Subventions

“After the read, I was struck with how much you seemed to describe the soul of my business and how you were able to explain the roots of it. The info and examples I got will truly help me make aligned decisions and to trust my gut!

I loved how you mention our “gifts” and “blind spots” because now I can be more easily aware of them.

I also felt a wave of peace and confidence after our meeting because you confirmed the path that I have in mind for my company. Thanks Arsène!

Emilie Viens, founder of La Planificatrice

“I thought the whole process was fascinating because I got so many “keys” to help me better manage my business.

It’s like I discovered that it had its own personality and mission, intertwined with my own but different at the same time. I feel that I can take a step back and make decisions with more awareness and coherence.

Learning about the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign gave me a story that makes so much sense!”

Ericka So, founder of Bien Biens

How to settle on a date, place and time to create your business natal chart?

It’s easy! All you gotta do is follow your intuition.

📆 DATE : Is there a date that pops to mind? I recommand to choose a symbolic day that could be, for example, when you decided to create your business, or when you signed your 1st client, or when you paid for a class knowing it was for a future business.

🌎 PLACE : Now that you have a date in mind, in which city were you physically? That will be your second answer. =)

🕜 EXACT TIME : This is the one where your first instinct will give you the answer. Do you work every day at 8h? Did your training started at 10h am? Or is it at the end of the day cause that is when you decided that you had material to launch a business? If you have a calendar, you could also check your entries to see if there is a clue.

👉 There are no good or bad answers, only what makes sense for YOU!

Here’s a bit about me and why I can help!

I have worked with entrepreneurs, CEO's, presidents and managers for about 12 years. I have also acquired throughout the years a speciality in strategy, sales and marketing.

In 2019, I launched my first company as a decluttering specialist, and in early 2021, Mlle Astro was also borned. I’ve been wearing many hats all my life, but even more for the past years as an entrepreneur!

I am a woman of many passions and many fields, I work everyday on my money mindset and I have a knack for seing the missing link!

Sun in Aries
♑ Moon in Capricorn
♊ Gemini Rising

Ready for some clarity?

With only one meeting, it’s AMAZING the quantity of information you can get about your business and how it works with it’s natural flow. You get instant access to your company blueprint and to all its sectors.

👉 If you want more info before booking, you can write to me at,
I’d love to learn more about what you do! Arsène xo

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